Devant, the Conjurer, produces Rabbits from a Hat


David Devant, the Conjuror of the Egyptian Hall (1896)
Henry W. Short, The British Mutoscope & Biograph Co. Ltd.


 Devant (Rabbit)

Conjuring seance by David Devant of the Egyptian Hall; rabbits taken from a hat, &c.

PAU 1896


David Devant, the Conjurer, produces Rabbits from a Hat.

PAU 1897-01

Devant, the Conjurer, produces Rabbits from a Hat

PAU 1897-03


1 Paul 15 (1896), 17 (1897)  
2 Robert-William Paul David Devant
The first animated picture ever taken of a performer was shot by R. W. Paul on the roof of the Alhambra Theatre. It was one of myself doing a short trick with rabbits. I produced one from an opera hat, then made it into twins, all alive and kicking. This picture was reproduced in a little device called a Filiscope. The hundreds of pictures which go to make up a film of a cinematograph were printed on paper in the form of a little book, the leaves of which were turned one at a time by a simple mechanical device, the rapidly moving leaves giving the effect of movement. This pocket cinematograph sold by the million.
David Devant, My Magic Life, Devon, The Supreme Magic Company, 1931 [1971], p. 74.

0015 03
The Tom Thumb Filoscope, Derby. Conjuror
The Ephemeral Collector

3 <08/08/1896 40 ft
4 Grande-BretagneLondres  


08/08/1896 Grande-BretagneLondres Robert-William Paul David Devant (Three Acts) 
14/11/1896 Grande-BretagneSheffield [David Devant] Devant's Rabbit Trick
10/11/1897 Grande-Bretagne, Great Marlow [David Devant] Mr. Devant conjuring with rabbits